C ++

Q.1 What is the full form of OOPS?

Ans:Object Oriented Programming System.

Q.2 What is class?

Ans:Its is the collection of data member and member function,Technically class is designing an user defined data type.

Q.3 What is an object?

Ans:It is an instance of the class is called as object.

Q.4 List the types of inheritance supported in C++.

Ans:Single level, Multilevel, Multiple, Hierarchical and Hybrid.

Q.5 What is inheritance?

Ans:Inheritance is the process of acquiring the properties of the old class into the new class. The old or existing class is called as base/parent class and the inherited class is called as derived/child class.

Q.6 What is a pure virtual function?

Ans:It is the virtual function with no function body and it assigned with a  zero value  is called as pure virtual function.

Q.7 What is an abstract class in C++?

Ans:A class which having at least one pure virtual function is called as abstract class.

Q.8 Name the data type which can be used to store wide characters in C++.


Q.9 Which operators used to access the class members?

Ans:Dot (.) Operator and Arrow ( -> ) Operator

Q.10 What is the data type to store the Boolean value?

Ans:bool data type is used to the boolean value.